Fat Free Shad Deep Square Lip

Fat Free Shad Square Lip

The Fat Free Shad Deep Square Lip crankbait comes through brush and rocky structure with ease, making it one of the most-effective lures for working areas that eat up other lures. Two versions are available, the BDSL6F, which dives to 8 feet, and BDSL7F, which pushes the square-lip-envelope down to 12 feet. Both Fat Free Shad Deep Square Lips are weighted to swim with a slight nose-down attitude that aids in getting through cover and ricochet off structure. Perfect for working ledges, vast stump-laden flats, docks – everywhere bass and thick cover meet.

  • Deep running square lip
  • Deflects off snaggy structure
  • Proven Fat Free Shad body style
Model Size (in.) Weight (oz.) Hook Sz. Cranking Depth
BDSL6F 2.5-in. 1/2-oz. #4 Tx3 8- ft.
BDSL7F 3-in. 3/4-oz. #2 Tx3 12-ft.

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